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"ORISHAS" African Hidden gods of worship
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This writing exposes the deities of Yorubaland, Nigeria. It exposes their presence in television, radio, secular music, and the Church. The Orisha are not limited to the United States of America; slavery of the Africans is how the religion and their demons were imparted here and to Central America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and many other nations.

This writing exposes an emerging shift in praise and worship, and music in many Christian fellowships around the world. This writing is not a study of the various religions in question and mentioned, but exposes the demons behind their praise, worship, and music rituals.

These deities have infiltrated many unsuspecting praise and worship groups through the improper use of drumming and drum assisted prophesy. The Orishas are manifesting themselves during many praise and worship services, counterfeits, masquerading themselves as the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit and Prophesying lies to those in attendance.


We know of no other writing on the subject of exposing the Orisha from the Christian perspective.